Fine digital printing

The Siskin Press specialises in archival pigment-ink (or "giclée") printing for amateur and professional photographers and artists. We print up to A1 size using 12-colour HP Vivera pigment inks on fine, acid-free papers, ensuring your prints will last for decades without noticeable fading, even when hung on a wall.

Pigment-ink prints have a tactile quality that is subtly different to traditional photographic prints – and the range of papers available exceeds anything that was possible in the darkroom. The latest generation baryta papers have a glossy surface reminiscent of traditional fibre-based photographic papers, while fine-art papers impart a soft, matte finish with no distracting surface glare. Textured media, such as watercolour paper and canvas, open up new possibilities for artists and adventurous photographers alike.

In order to make fine printing affordable for everyone, we offer a simple, two-tier pricing structure as described below, with a generous discount for multiple copies. Click here to discover our unique selection of papers, and here for a glossary of terms. If you haven't seen your images printed on fine paper, you owe it to yourself to try it – and with our new, lower prices, we've made it easier than ever before!

Getting your images to us

There are several ways to send your digital images to us for printing. You can upload them directly from your computer via our convenient online uploader; contact us for details. Or you can send them on CD, DVD or memory stick. Alternatively, if you use Dropbox, we can set up a shared folder for your files. We can even send you a memory stick with return postage! As always, feel free to get in touch for more information.

"The Siskin Press expose the best possible quality in my negs, and understand what I'm aiming for in the images; the final prints have always exceed my expectations."

— Eric Haynes, Glasgow

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Pricing for our printing services is simple: you choose the size of print you want and the level of service you want. We offer two levels of service:


is our basic service. You provide the digital file and choose your paper and size, and we print without any retouching or image correction. It's a cost-effective way to obtain great prints from your photos or artwork. To get the most from this service, we strongly recommend that you use a colour-managed workflow (including soft-proofing using our downloadable ICC profiles) and read our detailed file-preparation guidelines.


is our premium service. We colour correct, hand-retouch and sharpen each file as necessary to produce the finest-possible print from your image. Should you require a proof before printing, we can provide a reduced A4 colour proof for an extra charge.

Please note: all sizes are inclusive of borders. Digital files must be RGB and in flattened JPEG, TIFF, or PSD format. See our guidelines for more information and current ICC profiles.

Prints are shipped flat or in tough cardboard tubes. See here for shipping costs.

Paper size
(210 × 297)
(297 × 420)
(420 × 594)
(594 × 841)
DirectPrint £10.00 £15.00 £20.00 £30.00
GalleryPrint £20.00 £30.00 £40.00 £60.00
Proof £10.00
Deckle edges* £5.00
Discount for two or more copies 25%

*Prints can be supplied with a hand-torn "deckle-edge" effect if required. This is recommended mostly for prints where the paper edges will be visible, for example when float mounted. Please note that the image area of a deckle-edged print may be slightly smaller than on a conventional print.

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Printing media

colour_photo Photograph © Peter Rees

Hint: When choosing a paper, take into account where the print will hang. Are there windows or other strong light sources that may cast reflections? If so, consider a fine-art paper, such as Innova Smooth Cotton Natural White, Moab Entrada Natural or Hahnemühle Bamboo. These papers have a matte finish that will help minimise unwanted sheen, especially when placed behind anti-glare glass.

Hint: Confused? Not sure which paper to choose? Why not read our blog post on this very subject?

We have a carefully selected range of printing media to choose from. All of our papers are acid-free, and most contain no optical brighteners (OBAs). Our paper selection may vary as new papers take our fancy, and from time to time, other papers will also be available in small quantities apart from those listed; it pays to enquire.

Glossy papers

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta (315 g/m2)

Combining a bright, natural white, a satisfying hand feel and the nostalgic aroma of the darkroom, this genuine baryta-based paper from the legendary Dassel mill offers rich, deep blacks and vibrant colours.

Fine-art papers

Innova Smooth Cotton Natural White (315 g/m2)

This rag paper has a soft, smooth finish that holds excellent detail. A superb all-rounder with a natural white tone.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth (305 g/m2)

Our smoothest, whitest rag paper offers punchy colours and contrast along with extraordinary detail retention. Ideal for strong, saturated photographs and artwork.

Moab Entrada Rag Natural (190 g/m2)

This elegant, creamy cotton paper from Moab's boutique Utah paper mill has attracted a cult following amongst photographers worldwide. The 190 g/m2 weight is perfect for larger framed prints.

Please note, this paper is no longer readily available in the UK and therefore we only have the 190 g/m2 weight left in stock.

Hahnemühle Bamboo (290 g/m2)

A beautiful, eggshell-textured paper made from 90% bamboo and 10% cotton fibres. A good choice for the environmentally aware photographer or artist, this paper's markedly warm tone makes it an elegant complement to black and white images.

Photograph © Peter Rees

Canson BFK Rives (310 g/m2)

One of our favourite papers from perhaps the greatest name in paper, BFK Rives is a lightly textured, mould-made paper capable of holding extraordinary detail. At 310 g/m2, it conveys an unmistakeable aura of quality, making it ideal for portfolios.

Moab Moenkopi Washi Kozo (110 g/m2)

Made in Tokushima, Japan primarily from sustainably harvested kozo (mulberry) fibres, Moenkopi Washi Kozo has the cloudy structure of a true Japanese washi paper with a surface suited to the reproduction of images of exceptional delicacy. This special, sweet-scented paper is available from us in sizes up to A3+ (329 mm × 483 mm) and will attract a 5 surcharge per sheet – but if, like us, you care about fine paper, we think you'll agree that it's worth it. Low stock – be quick before it's all gone.

Textured media

HP professional matte canvas (430 g/m2)

A museum-grade, polycotton canvas, ideal for photographic or fine-art reproduction of the highest quality. This canvas may be left as it is (the image is waterproof) or varnished to provide a gloss finish.

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Glossary of terms

a file format that, for images, allows thousands of shades of each colour, compared to only 256 shades in 8-bit image files
a white, clay-like substance used as a surface coating on high-end photographic papers
fibre-based (FB)
a traditional-style, glossy paper produced from natural materials
an early term for fine-art inkjet printing, from the French for "spurt"
a kind of printer that makes images by squirting tiny droplets of ink onto paper
optical brightening agent (OBA)
a dye used to whiten paper. High levels of OBAs may have a detrimental effect on long-term image stability
pigment ink
an ink that is coloured by pigments rather than dyes. In general, pigment-based inks have greater stability and permanence than dye-based inks
Photoshop document format
a durable, acid-free paper made from cotton fibres instead of wood pulp
a colour model in which red, blue and green light is added together to produce different colours; used in TV and computer screens as well as digital photography
Tagged Image File Format; a file format for images widely used in the photographic, design and publishing industries

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